Modern Physicists Work and Build With Ancient Discoveries

The work of particle physicists seems so remote and untouchable to many people. Beyond that it also seems highly irrelevant, particularly when one considers the complex formulas and algorithms that really do not help any normal person explain the world around them. Without the work of these scientists however, the very computer upon which you read this article would not function. It was the forefathers of the contributors to the Mathematical Research Letters who paved the way with their own simplistic and fundamental understandings of how they thought things worked, based on their own observations of the world around them.

More than two hundred years ago, Benjamin Franklin conducted his kite and lightning experiment, effectively showing the world the principles of electrical conductivity. And while Franklin did not deal with incredibly complicated formulas and theorems to describe his discovery, he was able to set forth a pattern of thought that would enable those who followed in his shoes to discover for themselves exactly why and how the electricity moved from the cloud to his key on the line.

Placing discovery upon discovery is the full purpose of the Mathematical Research Letters, a continual tweaking of scientific approaches. Contributions made in 1995 have been analyzed, added to, indexed and re-presented with new theories even twenty years later. It was in the same fashion that great thinkers began uncovering the power behind the lightning storm experiment. It required the advancement of technology to discover the molecular properties of metals, and it was not until years later that technology was sufficient enough to discover the movement of electrons within those molecules, the final explanation behind conductivity that had been missing for centuries! Just as Newton stated, “an object in motion will stay in motion”, so the electrons within the copper wires from the power plant will continue along their course as long as they are unfettered and the circuit is complete and protected.